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Your cloud investments can turn into a disaster if your resources are not planned, utilized and allocated properly. Allocating your cloud resources to cost-centers or groups is the most important stipulation in order to take control of the cloud sprawl. At the same time, provisioning and continuously updating your cloud resources is critical to get the best performance at the best value.

Centilytics allows Cloud Optimization & Allocation to decentralize 100% of your cost by different cost centers and optimize them up to 70%. We help you streamline the entire cloud optimization and allocation lifecycle to unlock its true potential.



Cost Allocation

Scaling cloud resources without proper allocation can leave you in the midst of poor resource management.
Discover tagged and untagged costs in your cloud environment with our granular insights. To enhance your resource management, we keep continuous tracking of your tagged resources. With the advance feature like auto-tagging, you can add or update tags for your untagged, mis-tagged resources and delete them directly from our cost allocation module.

resource allocation
cloud wastage tracker

Wastage Tracker

Gain valuable insights into the wastage rate of your resources and cut some dollars from the cloud bills. Our “Wastage Tracker” helps you put your resources to work and make the most out of them. You will know whether your resources are keeping up with average sustained utilization or turning into a total wastage.



Get detailed insights and fine-tune your resources by upgrading or downgrading them in order to settle on an effective decision. Choose the right instance type for your workloads and keep its utilization within a user-defined threshold to get the most out of your application running in cloud.
We give you recommendations that help you identify underutilized resources and vertically adjust those resources allotted to the instance or releasing them.

ri planner

RI Planning

Do you run everything on demand? Do you only reserve 24×7 workloads? Centilytics looks across your cloud infrastructure and recommends reservations based on the combination of all the workloads running on that particular instance type.
It looks at your on-demand cost and your reserved instance cost and provides a comprehensive analysis making the decision a one-click choice.


RI Utilization

Centilytics provides detailed insights into your current RI utilization with real-time overview. Reserving instances means committing the usage of a specific instance for a long period of time and gaining huge cost savings.
But RIs need to be utilized effectively in order to redeem the expected savings. Stay on the right track with our effective assessment of your RI utilization and efficiency.

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Utilization of All your Resources

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Cost Allocation


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