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Centilytics for CTO

Cloud Visibility for a CIO

  • Keep a close watch on cost incurred by every resource with Cost Centre Mapping
  • Get historical data in a comparison view to measure changing trends and take relevant actions.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of every one of your connected resources, and their hierarchical correlation to one another with Resource Topology
  • Holistic visibility of the resource with the ability to discover assets residing in your cloud.
  • In-depth reports to feed every business unit with relevant data to improve their infrastructure visibility

Optimization and Allocation for a CIO

  • Make your infrastructure efficient with advanced optimization recommendations.
  • Implement strategies to optimize every resource running in your cloud.
  • View every penny allocated to the resources in your infrastructure.

Governance and Reporting for a CIO

  • Govern every resource in your infrastructure with continuous monitoring.
  • Get alerts when something deviates from configured rules to quickly analyze and take action against the deviation.
  • Get BI dashboards to slice and dice your data with a wide range of filters.
  • Get customized reports to share only required data with different teams.

Security and Health for a CIO

  • View security status of your multi-cloud in a single pane of glass.
  • Develop a culture of shared responsibility by leveraging checks capable of identifying all the loopholes in a dynamic infrastructure.
  • Make sure your infrastructure is compliant to handle data under defined regulatory standards such as GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, NIST, ISO, CSA, CIS, Trusted Advisor, and Azure Advisor.

Customer Stories

"...provides valuable insights into our AWS infrastructure..."


Anirban Mandal

Deputy Director – Technology | NASSCOM

"...cost-effective way to gain granular visibility into our infra..."


Parthasarathy S

Global Infrastructure Lead | LRN

" billing through Centilytics was a seamless process and..."


Ali Shatrieh

CTO | YOMA Group
Nspire Automation INC, 8 The Green, Suite #5979, Dover, DE 19901

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