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Engineering teams are not meant to scale at the same rate as your infrastructure, as it often limits the scalability of your business. Your engineers waste over 30% of their time on the tasks that can be automated.

With Cloud Automation you can drive efficiency in your engineering teams by automating the repetitive tasks and eliminating the scope for errors.

In this world of prediction -- ensure preventive maintenance with capabilities like automatic resource clean-up, automatic restarts, automatic back-ups etc. Also auto remediate your security loopholes based on the compliances of your choice.


Schedule Resources

Non-production workloads typically amount to 40% of your overall cloud bill. Centilytics' auto-scheduling provides you the perfect opportunity to levarage the Pay-as-Go model to shut down your resources during non working hours. As a result you can realize atleast a 20% savings on your overall bill.

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Automated backups for Business Continuity

The faraway data centers hosting your infrastructure are always at the risk due to uncontrollable factors. Take preventive measures for backup and disaster recovery by setting rules to take snapshots for various IaaS and PaaS services.

Security Automation

Set rules to apply and automate best practices as per various security compliances and enable automatic security measures such as termination protection for instances, converting public resources to private, controlling port access for instances and databases, IAM Keys, enable encryption and more.

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Who is it for?

Cloud infrastructure automation

Office of the CTO

Run, manage and configure rules to automate tasks hosted in your cloud in order to improve efficiency and reduce a significant proportion of cloud bill.

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Infra & Ops

Stop investing time on arduous tasks leading to inefficiency, instead, automate all such tasks freeing up time for strategic discussions.

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Security & Ops

Get the ability to configure rules to be followed and applied automatically to ensure every operation takes place as per your requirements.

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Customer Stories

"...provides valuable insights into our AWS infrastructure..."

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Anirban Mandal

Deputy Director – Technology | NASSCOM

"...cost-effective way to gain granular visibility into our infra..."

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Parthasarathy S

Global Infrastructure Lead | LRN

" billing through Centilytics was a seamless process and..."

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Ali Shatrieh

CTO | YOMA Group
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