Every year, AWS takes the cloud conference world by storm with re:Invent. Spanning seven different buildings in Vegas, Nevada with more than 40,000 people expected this year, it is definitely an event that will set a new bar for your expectations. The conference is divided into two parts 'learn' and 'play'. It brings the best of both worlds with strings of conferences, chalk talks, workshops, boot camps tied up with extremely crazy leisure activities like 4K - 8K run, Tatonka challenge, pub crawl, re:Play and midnight madness.

With less than a month to the event, we are excited to announce ourselves as a sponsor for re:Invent 2018.
We, team Centilytics, will be waiting for you on booth no. 2313 in the Venetian expo hall. Make sure to stop by the booth to collect your assured gift and see what we have to offer towards your AWS cloud Infrastructure.

To put things into perspective, Centilytics is an Intelligent cloud management platform to manage, secure and optimize your entire cloud Infrastructure.

If you are on the cloud -- you most certainly need us.
It’s time we offer 'Intelligent Cloud Management'.



Not just offer smart money, Offer Smart Technology

Your portfolio gets:

  • Our platform at ZERO COST for 1st year
  • Certified Solution Architect
  • Design & Architectural Validation*
  • Software & Infrastructure Support*
  • Direct OEM (AWS) relationships

You get:

  • Same benefits as your portfolio/companies
  • A Key Differentiator to acquire new companies
  • Higher chance for your portfolio/companies to grow

Note : *Up to 100 hours of assessment &support at zero cost

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