Cloud Partner

Overcome business challenges, transform cloud experience for your customers



Pain Points
  • High Customer Acquisition Cost, Low Lifetime Value

  • Keeping up with evolving cloud tech is difficult

  • Customers expect integrated services as a part of billing

  • Inability to create new revenue streams, shrinking reselling margins, cashflow crunch

  • Cloud talent is scarce, expensive, tough to retain

  • Direct go-to-market from the cloud providers



  • Network Partner Program (NPP)

    Create revenue streams for partners and solving their customers’ problems with world-class solutions

  • Delivery Partner Program (DPP)

    Enable partners to scale their business by helping them deliver world-class solutions

  • Growth Partner Program (GPP)

    Help distributors with repeatable and scalable partner management through intelligent Solutions

Network Partner Program (NPP):

  • Solve customer problems with Centilytics Solution Catalog
  • Sales enablement for Partners
  • Customer targeting with joint marketing campaigns

Delivery Partner Program (DPP):

  • Accelerate time to market with Centilytics Solution Catalog
  • Become a certified partner for global cloud providers
  • Drive efficiency in delivering cloud solutions

Growth Partner Program (GPP):

  • Bolster revenue streams with efficient partner management
  • Solve partner problems with Centilytics Solution Catalog
  • Partner enablement sessions

How Can we help?


  • Customer Experience
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Integrated Support
  • Billing/Rebilling
  • Tenant Management
  • Catalog Control

    Customer Experience: Ensure exemplary Solution delivery for customers as our Unified Console transforms the cloud usage experience for your customers.

      Sales Intelligence: Insights on various customer engagement metrics for Solutions such as usage, frequency, popularity, etc. to drive adoption and better serve your customers.

        Integrated Support: Easily handle customer issues by addressing grievances and escalating them to the right Providers from a single interface.

          Billing/Rebilling: Get the ability of direct billing to customers and create unified mark-up and mark-down models for provider pricing.

            Tenant Management: Create Nth level of tenancy to ensure you can quickly onboard new customers and efficiently deliver Solutions on-demand.

              Catalog Control: Create a targeted Solution delivery experience for your customers by curating the Catalog visibility for each customer.


              What problems can we help solve?

              (Solution Catalog)

              • Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
              • Cloud Management Solutions
              • Cloud Data Solutions

              Cloud Infrastructure Solutions:

              • Compute
              • Storage
              • Operating System
              • Containers
              • Database
              • Network

              Cloud Management Solutions:

              • Cost
              • Asset
              • Security
              • Performance
              • Reliability
              • DevOps

              Cloud Data Solutions:

              • Data Warehouse
              • ETL Pipeline
              • Business Intelligence
              • AI/ML

              WHY CAN WE HELP?

              (CUSTOMERS & PROVIDERS)


              OUR CUSTOMERS

              Our vast experience in solving cloud problems of customers from various industries, verticals, geographies, and size helps you :
              • Accelerate cloud journey for your customers

              • Access to multi-provider Solution Catalog

              WHY CAN WE HELP?

              (CUSTOMERS & PROVIDERS)


              OUR PROVIDERS

              We leverage our strategic partnership with major cloud Providers to :
              • Accurately represent your business needs to Providers

              • Help you choose from a variety of Solutions across multiple Providers

              • Bring best prices through provider programs and enterprise pricing models

              • Navigate Provider ecosystem for business and support cases

              OVER AND ABOVE


              WE OFFER....

              Named Partner Success Manager

              Market Development Funding

              Go-To-Market Enablement

              Cloud Provider Audit Support

              Support & Quality Assurance for Solution Delivery


              Consumption Under Management


              Annual Savings Delivered


              Increase in Engineering Efficiency


              Global End Customers


              Global Partners


              Global Providers


              Cloud Certified Engineers


              Technologies Supported


              Countries Served

              "Centilytics has worked upon the promise and delivered on integrating with our partner/customer portal CloudQuarks, which helped us create a seamless integration for them. This carries to our CMP, TrackmyCloud which has 600+ of our partners/customers access on the platform. The success of this integration shows the agility and capability of Centilytics’ engineering. The team has been very supportive and guided this customized request to full closure within 3 weeks. Looking forward to many more of these successful initiatives!"

              Alam Shaikh

              AWS Practice Leader


              "We wouldn't be able to achieve the outcome [audit clearance ] without Centilytics' cloud management platform offering which fed into the larger Data#3 cloud management platform offering. On the audit day, the contribution of Centilytics team along with Data#3 team absolutely led to the successful outcome."

              Phil Redmond

              General Manager Services