Cloud Customer

Unified cloud experience with outcome-driven cloud programs



Pain Points
  • Ballooning & unpredictable cloud costs

  • Vendor lock-ins are oppressive

  • Too many stakeholders reduce accountability

  • Cloud resources are scarce, expensive, tough to retain

  • Cloud is too vast for an individual or organization

  • Compliances make it difficult to scale on cloud



  • Cloud Enablement Program (CEP)

    Help you build and scale an in-house cloud practice without the need to outsource cloud managed services

  • Cloud Delivery Program (CDP)

    Deliver end-to-end quality cloud managed services as per industry best practices and global standards

Cloud Enablement Program (CEP):

  • Consult us on best practices to identify gaps in your cloud
  • Get best-in-class technologies to implement cloud excellence
  • Get training and enablement for your teams to manage cloud at global standards
  • Utilize our experience of working with organizations across industries, verticals, geographies, and size

Cloud Delivery Program (CDP):

  • We work with your business and technical teams to identify gaps in your cloud
  • Our experts mitigate these gaps using best-in-class technology
  • We help you build a functional relationship with providers
  • We handle your day-to-day site reliability challenges

How Can we help?


  • Multiple Clouds
  • Intuitive Experience
  • Connected Solutions
  • Solution Comparison
  • Security
  • Multi-Tenancy

    Multiple Clouds: All your clouds, accounts, and workloads accessible from a unified interface.

      Intuitive Experience: Universal and common terminology with consistent user experience for all solutions by different providers.

        Connected Solutions: Leverage the connectivity across solutions from different providers for quicker and efficient outcomes.

          Solution Comparison: Compare Cloud Solutions across different providers on standardized criterion to make an informed decision.

            Security: Fully secure interface with total data encryption and data residency in the region of your choice.

              Multi-Tenancy: Independent tenant supporting custom dashboards and role-based access control for multiple users.


              What problems can we help solve?

              (Solution Catalog)

              • Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
              • Cloud Management Solutions
              • Cloud Data Solutions

              Cloud Infrastructure Solutions:

              • Compute
              • Storage
              • Operating System
              • Containers
              • Database
              • Network

              Cloud Management Solutions:

              • Cost
              • Asset
              • Security
              • Performance
              • Reliability
              • DevOps

              Cloud Data Solutions:

              • Data Warehouse
              • ETL Pipeline
              • Business Intelligence
              • AI/ML

              WHY CAN WE HELP?

              (PARTNERS & PROVIDERS)


              OUR PARTNERS

              Our Partners help accelerate your cloud journey by :
              • Understanding your business needs to best identify cloud requirements

              • Connecting you to the best-fit Solution Provider

              • Delivering Solutions on behalf of the Provider, if needed

              WHY CAN WE HELP?

              (PARTNERS & PROVIDERS)


              OUR PROVIDERS

              We leverage our strategic partnership with major cloud Providers to :
              • Accurately represent your business needs to Providers

              • Help you choose from a variety of Solutions across multiple Providers

              • Bring best prices through provider programs and enterprise pricing models

              • Navigate Provider ecosystem for business and support cases

              OVER AND ABOVE


              WE OFFER....

              Named Client Success Manager

              24x7 Support

              WAR Rooms for Major Incidents

              Flexible Pricing Models

              Bespoke Solution Stacks Across Providers


              Consumption Under Management


              Annual Savings Delivered


              Increase in Engineering Efficiency


              Global End Customers


              Global Partners


              Global Providers


              Cloud Certified Engineers


              Technologies Supported


              Countries Served

              "It is our pleasure to work with your esteemed organization and managing one of the critical Infrastructures of our organization. The support/CSM are top notch and we hope same services will be continued in near future.

              "Nevertheless, [Centilytics’] Relationship Associate added more feathers to our journey with Single point of Contact for our concerns, feedbacks"

              Vikas Bhatt

              Deputy General Manager


              "Centilytics provides valuable insights into our AWS infrastructure, we now have a granular visibility of our cloud spending.

              With service usage analytics, automated reports & alerts, and reserve instance planner, Centilytics is a must have platform for cloud cost management & governance."

              Anirban Mandal

              Deputy Director - Technology