Fix your cloud cost leaks and anomalies with complete visibility into your cloud ecosystem

Govern your Cloud

Drive cost efficiency and governance in your cloud infrastructure with complete visibility with features like Anomaly Detection, Cost Allocation and Automated Reports.

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Anomaly Detection

Now, control your maximum, minimum, and average sum of cloud spend over every little detail. Centilytics makes it a click-click process for you to detect and regulate anomalies quickly.

Cost Allocation

Our advanced “Cost Allocation By Tags” filter lets you split your cost incurred by each and every resource tag against the very services responsible for it. Select the tag(s) you wish to see the detailed cost associated with. Keep track of each penny you spend on cloud.

Automated Reports

Centilytics provides you automated, custom reports with detailed understanding of your entire cloud spend, cost spikes, resource utilization and wastage.

  • Custom reports and alerts by resource tags, services, regions, blended-unblended costs.
  • Multi-account reports; easy to Download, Save, Schedule and Share.
  • Over 100 automated custom reports of your entire cloud spend at a time.


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