Get 360-degree visibility into your cloud and take control of what & where you spend

Cost Monitoring

Monitor your monthly cloud billing and usage trends with hourly-level granularity. Centilytics delivers deep actionable insights on your AWS and Azure cloud usage and costs incurred by each service across each region. Now, controlling expenses and decrypt billing trends across your cloud is no more a rocket science.

At Centilytics, we make sure that all your cloud meet up on a single platform to help you settle on right choices. The “Cost Monitoring” module gives enterprise-wide visibility into your each and every cloud service spend(s) (both for AWS and Azure) to keep track of resources by Account IDs, Resource Tags, Regions and more.

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Service Usage Analysis

Always stay one step ahead with detailed analytics on your cloud consumption. Insights on cloud services that give you complete visibility and understanding of “what”, “where” and “who” is causing your costs to sky-rocket.

Billing Trends

Discover unusual trends in your service usage and cost incurred. Billing Trends that depict the fashion of the cost incurred due to services usage of AWS.

Data Transfer Analysis

Track expenses incurred due to data transfers with detailed, interactive services dashboard. Look into the data transfer cost which is usually the second or third highest cost, people don’t even realize.

Multi-Account Billing Insights

Centilytics enables you to consolidate the cost and usage of every one of your accounts including multiple-linked as well as standalone accounts at one sweet spot.

Get comprehensive though granular insights into each one of your accounts service-wise, region-wise and organization-wide cost & usage analytics.


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