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Our Journey

With humble beginnings as a summer project in a Stanford dorm room, Centilytics has gone on to handle over $750 million in public cloud consumption. Right at the stage of its inception, Centilytics foresaw the pitfalls of a mismanaged cloud infrastructure, which further fueled our passion to create a SaaS platform.

"He not busy being born is busy dying." Our journey can be defined based on the stages of our evolution. At the start in 2017, we were Centilytics 1.0 -- a Cost Management Product. Centilytics 1.0 focused on ensuring our customers have full understanding of their public cloud expenditure and realize savings with our help.

In 2018, we entered Centilytics 2.0 where we evolved to become a Cloud Management Platform. Centilytics introduced new product lines such as Security & Health, Cloud Automation, Tag Management. We became a part of Stanford’s StartX program and grew to 25 people.

Today we are Centilytics 3.0, where we have become a Cloud Management Company that focuses on delivering end-to-end cloud management to all our customers. We are a 150 people strong team with a global footprint.We are also a Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner while we handle $750 million in cloud consumption thanks to our valued customer-partner ecosystem.

Lookout for Centilytics 4.0

Our Vision

Monarchy: On-prem stood for an era where the central IT's monarchial control created red tape, which hampered scalability, agility, and efficiency.

Anarchy: Cloud ushered in an era of freedom, but the lack of accountability and best practices led to anarchy with widespread chaos.

Democracy: Cloud Management is all about establishing a democracy that delivers on the agility and freedom promised by Cloud while introducing accountability with adequate control.

Our Mission
Harmonize Technology and Services

Technology -- Rapid advancements in technology have ensured organizations become more efficient by the day. However, technology is just the fuel that needs an engine to take us to our ultimate goal.

Services -- The varied needs of the modern economy have fueled the demand for services. However, the non-replicable and non-elastic nature of services is a deterrent in meeting the rising demand.

Technology-enabled Services -- Creates harmony between automation and human intelligence so that we get the best of both worlds and meet the economy's bespoke demands at scale.

Our Team Culture

We are bunch of misfits who are working towards a common goal to build a simple yet powerful platform for cloud management. A dedicated team that takes fun seriously and our work reflects our team values.

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Keep Growing

We’re always growing in – knowledge, talent, depth, and experience. We foster space for personal development.

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Pursue the Passion

Young, enthusiastic, talented, disruptive thinkers – these are the badges that we wear with pride and continue to strive for more.

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Powerful Together

We know that we are more powerful as a unit. Creativity is not limited to a department that bears its name. Instead, we let ideas to flow and collaborate.