About Centilytics

World saw the complexities in Cloud Management
We saw an opportunity to make it easy for you!








Intelligent Platform

Our Journey

What started as a summer experiment has now become a full-fledged platform; and all the positive response from the market has paved a path to develop something greater and more powerful. With a rising trend towards the adoption of cloud technology in 2017, our four-member core team developed a SaaS platform to save the world from an ever-increasing cloud spend.

From there to here, we grew from a team of four to more than 130 members to add 9 solutions and 2,500+ widgets , all of this in just 4 years since the inception while bootstrapping ourselves. Interesting, right?

Our Mission

We want to provide an all-in-one solution to manage the complex and sophisticated cloud. The idea of simplifying cloud management is what drives our innovation engine.

Our Team Culture

We are bunch of misfits who are working towards a common goal to build a simple yet powerful platform for cloud management. A dedicated team that takes fun seriously and our work reflects our team values.

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Keep Growing

We’re always growing in – knowledge, talent, depth, and experience. We foster space for personal development.

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Pursue the Passion

Young, enthusiastic, talented, disruptive thinkers – these are the badges that we wear with pride and continue to strive for more.

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Powerful Together

We know that we are more powerful as a unit. Creativity is not limited to a department that bears its name. Instead, we let ideas to flow and collaborate.