Cost Monitoring

Monitor your AWS monthly billing and usage trends with hourly-level granularity. Centilytics delivers deep actionable insights on your cloud usage and costs incurred by each service in each region. Now, controlling expenses and decrypting billing trends is no more a rocket science.


Service Usage Analysis
Billing Trends
Data Transfer Analysis
Multi-Account Billing Insights

RI Planner

AWS Reserved Instances are a great option to reduce your cloud bill and maximize your savings. But, bad RI decisions can cost you your business. Manage your complete RI lifecycle with RI Planner. Get deep analysis and recommendations on the RI purchase, wastage and utilization strategies.


RI Utilization and Wastage Tracker
RI Purchasing & Modification Recommendations
RI Amortization
Inventory Management


Automated Reports

Get automated and custom reports of your entire cloud spend with detailed understanding of who or what is causing your cost spikes and resource wastage. Download or schedule the reports as per your convenience.


Custom Cost Allocation Reports by Resource Tags, Services, Regions
Detailed Cloud Billing Analysis
Multi-Account Reports
Save, Schedule, and Share Your Reports by Custom Recurrence

Budget Alert Systems

Control your cost leaks and drive AWS efficiency by creating alerts on a monthly, weekly or on a custom basis. Get notified via email when your set budget is breached. Set and share your alerts based on AWS Regions, Services, Account IDs, and Resource Tags in use.


Custom Spend Alerts
Spend Alerts by Services, Regions, Accounts & Resource Tags
Customizable Alert Recurrence


Cloud optimization

Rightsize your AWS resource usage and eliminate the wastage with proper planning. Centilytics deeply analyzes your AWS usage at the resource level and gives cost-effective recommendations for resource management. Get tips on best practices that can save you more.


Custom Spend Alerts
Spend Alerts by Services, Regions, Accounts & Resource Tags
Customizable Alert Recurrence


Extensive Tag Management Capabilities

Dashboard view based on your own custom tags

Hourly Detailing

First of its kind dashboard to process hourly level data

Highly Secure

Just share a Read Only I AM to a specific S3 Bucket

Understand Blended/Unblended Costs

Complete transparency as we share both blended
& unblended billings

Time-zone of Choice & Currency Conversions

No longer will you have to understand your billing only in UTC
& Convert your costs into any currency of choice

Customizable Dashboard

Create your own Dashboard